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CapNexus, developed by Partners for the Common Good in 2012 and relaunched in 2016 as a benefit to the CDFI industry, enables effective business relationships between capital seekers and capital providers, and acts as a clearinghouse for ideas, experts and services. 

CapNexus gives capital seekers the forum to offer participation in their development activities, and lenders the opportunity to locate deals that may meet their portfolio requirements.  CapNexus is a fully searchable website that categorizes by interest area, geography, asset type and other factors.  

On CapNexus 2.0, users have the ability to:

  • Offer to buy and/or sell loan participations, whole loans, or loan portfolios
  • Consider quality projects to deploy capital
  • Identify capital sources for project funding needs
  • Advertise capital availability
  • Shop for industry experts and service providers.

CapNexus 2.0 offers:

  • Webinars, trainings, and industry updates
  • Timely and relevant information distributed through the CapNexus newsletter
  • Networking with industry thought-leaders and potential partners
  • Personalized dashboard with content that meets your preferences
  • Premium exposure for lenders and capital providers as well as experts and service providers through paid advertising
  • Search functions, with filters and word search options.

As a CapNexus user, there is no charge for listing opportunities or to use this platform.  Individuals are required to complete a registration form and cite their specific interests to become a certified user.  This process is designed to qualify CapNexus users and to maintain a spam-free environment.

Once registered, CapNexus users will automatically be contacted when a new opportunity matches their interests.  For example, all CapNexus users who identified that they were interested in learning about multifamily housing deals in Florida would be alerted if such a deal were to post. 

Currently, CapNexus has approximately 700 registered users and the CapNexus newsletter is distributed to approximately 1400 decision-makers.