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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

New York’s canners and lateros have acquired property, created a redemption facility and community hub – and begun to organize.

By Oscar Perry Abello

Q&A: Michael Pugh on small business finance, AI, affordable housing and more. 

By Christopher C. Williams

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act funds will soon be flowing into communities. These CDFI leaders want to make sure their communities don’t miss out. 

By Erica Sweeney 

The Southern+ Climate Equity Accelerator brings together about 20 green banks, CDFIs and other green community lenders across the south. 

By Erica Sweeney 

The South is home to many climate-vulnerable and energy-... Read more

In just five years, the CDFI industry has tripled in size to $452 billion. Here’s the data behind that growth

By James Finley 

The Nikwasi Initiative is working to protect and honor local sites that play an important role in the heritage of a regional Indian tribe. 

By Brittany Mosely

For decades, the town of... Read more

How a unique home buying program is helping new Americans secure a mortgage. 

By Bianca Gonzalez

Amidst the city’s growing affordable housing crisis, a unique public-private partnership has spurred the development of more than 800 housing units. ... Read more

The tool was designed to help financial institutions consider highly impactful loans that may otherwise be overlooked. 

By Erica Sweeney 

... Read more

The project, funded by a local CDFI bank, represents the impact small Southern cities had on the movement. 

By Brittany Mosely

When it comes to the Civil Rights Movement, many of the pivotal moments took place in... Read more