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Non-Disclosure Agreement

By accessing the CapNexus database, registered users will have access to confidential information.  Partners for the Common Good, Inc. (“PCG”) has adopted this Non-Disclosure Policy (“Non-Disclosure Policy”) to help protect any confidential information made available in the CapNexus database.

Confidential Information

The term “confidential information” refers to all information with respect to lending or borrowing opportunities posted in or made available through the CapNexus database.  Information obtained through other means or information that is made part of the public domain by someone other than you is not considered confidential information.


You agree to hold all confidential information in confidence and take all measures necessary to prevent it from falling into the public domain or into the possession of persons not bound to maintain its confidentiality.

You may copy, print, modify, reformat, transmit, share, and disclose confidential information for your lawful business purposes only, and only in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including all information privacy and information security laws and regulations.

You agree to limit the internal dissemination of confidential information and the internal disclosure of confidential information to those officers and employees of your firm who have a need to know and an obligation to protect it.

Acceptance of Non-Disclosure Policy

By registering with CapNexus or accessing the CapNexus database, you agree to comply with and to be contractually bound by the terms of this Non-Disclosure Policy.