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CDFI Participation Lending Consortium

Asset ClassLow Income Housing Tax Credit, Rural, Health Facility, Commercial, Commercial Real Estate, Community Facilities - Childcare, Community Facilities - Education, Community Facilities - Healthcare, Community Facilities - Other, Multi-Family Housing, Single-Family Housing, Small Business, Working Capital
Interest Areas

A highly regarded CDFI is interested in forming a CDFI participation loan consortium.  Each CDFI will particpate $5 million or less of capital into any given project. The goal of this consortium is to form an informal partnership so that when there is a lending opportunity where participations are needed, CDFIs will have go-to lending partners.  This will create efficiencies in the lending process and increase the capacity of local CDFIs. As a pilot for this program, the organizing organization would like to focus on partnerships with CDFIs that have a presence in Tennessee. 

The purpose of this consortium is to provide a means for Tennessee-focused CDFIs to fund larger projects in their service area. In addition, this is an excellent way to be a part of a group of high-performing CDFIs that provide impact.

The organizing CDFI would like to begin having conversations with interested CDFIs to discuss the following:

  • Geographic locations or investment areas
  • Would you be interested in participating in loans outside of Tennessee?
  • What are your lending limits? Maximum loan size?
  • How large would the funding pool need to be to sufficiently cover the larger loans you have been approached with?
  • Does your CDFI have access to the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program?

If interested in learning more, click on the contact button to send an email to the organizing CDFI.