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Consulting for Change

Asset Classes ServedRural
Geographies ServedNational
Services ProvidedOther Consulting and Specialty Service, Strategic Planning, Social Impact, CDFI Consulting
Interest Areas
Impact Investing
Small Business

Helping Nonprofits Achieve Results

Consulting for Change specializes in helping nonprofit organizations manage to meet their missions. We can guide your nonprofit to maximize its impact, enhance its market responsiveness and improve its financial viability.

Our Services

Strategic and Operational Planning: Consulting for Change will guide management and Board of Directors through a strategic planning process that includes revisiting the mission statement, considering industry trends and the organization’s internal and external environments, and results in the articulation of ambitious but achievable goals. The consulting team will assist management and staff to develop a workplan that addresses accountability, resource development, implementation and reporting to stakeholders.

Market Analysis: Consulting for Change will help your organization understand the market through quantitative and qualitative research.  Your organization will have the tools to gauge the demand for new products or programs, identify and gain further insight about the competition and make actionable recommendations for moving forward.

Organizational Assessment: Consulting for Change will assess your financial, managerial, and programmatic strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions for improvements. 

Executive Coaching: Consulting for Change will support your organization’s senior executives implement changes recommended in a strategic plan, adjust to new responsibilities, learn new management skills, and make difficult decisions. 

Impact Assessment: Consulting for Change will assist your organization to gain greater alignment between your mission, theory of change and your impact data collection efforts.


Adina Abramowitz, Principal

Adina founded Consulting for Change in January 2006 with expertise in strategic and operational planning, market analysis and product development, organizational assessment, leadership development, nonprofit mergers, and organizational change in nonprofit organizations. 

Adina worked for over twenty years in the Community Development Finance (CDFI) industry, first as an executive director at CBAC in Camden, NJ, and then at the premier national membership organization for CDFIs,Opportunity Finance Network.  For most of her tenure at Opportunity Finance, Adina was responsible for the organization’s strategy to develop CDFI capacity. She developed a consulting practice and provided consulting to dozens of CDFIs including: strategic planning, risk management, program design and implementation, and growth management. 

Adina is a practical, results oriented consultant who will help your organization pursue its values while becoming more sustainable.


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