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How the Climate Crisis Drives Impact Investing

With severe wildfires scorching Montana and California and a new climate report from the U.N. pointing to devastating consequences if action no action is taken now, it is no surprise that climate change is at the top of the news cycle and in the front of everyone’s mind. It also appears to be pushing a number of dealmakers and firms to pursue investments.

As might be expected, there has been a recent surge in clean energy deals and impact investment funds. In transportation, ChargePoint Holdings (NYSE: CHPT), an electric vehicle charging network operating in North America and Europe, has purchased ViriCiti, a provider of electrification services for bus and commercial fleets. ChargePoint expects the deal will expand the scale of its existing network. The Investment Management Corp. of Ontario has agreed to acquire grid stability and battery storage company Green Frog Power and will invest up to $500 million (£288 million) over the next several years.

“IMCO is actively seeking new and innovative ways to participate in the global transition towards a low-carbon future while accessing compelling returns for our clients,” says Bert Clark, president and CEO of IMCO, summarizing the dual benefits of the deal. “This acquisition is an excellent example of this strategy in action and is tightly aligned with our ESG and sustainable investing objectives.

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