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How Impact Investors Can Help a Biden Administration Restore American Leadership and ‘Build Back Better’ 

As Joe Biden takes over as US president – and takes on a daunting to-do list – the US Impact Investing Alliance’s Fran Seegull shares three ways investors can play their part in building an equitable, resilient future.

This Inauguration Day represents a potential turning point after a challenging confluence of events in American history, and the beginning of a new chapter in which President Joe Biden has promised to “Build Back Better.” Among the many high hopes for President Biden’s first 100 days is the re-entrance of the United States on the international stage, and with it a chance to revive American economic leadership. From rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Climate Accords to multilateral engagement via the upcoming G7 Summit and COP 26 in November, the United States will stand side by side with world leaders in confronting the Covid-19 crisis, climate change and global economic and social inequality.

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