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Message from CEO

CapNexus is about harnessing the power of the collective community development finance field to help itself and its individual members do more and increase their impact within their communities.  In the financial services industry, CDFIs of all sizes are relatively small in comparison to the other titans in this field.  Therefore, we have to work smarter.  Networking, collaboration, and idea sharing are key tools to allow us to be agile and quick in responding to opportunities and changes in the market place.  By working together, we make each other smarter.

PCG developed CapNexus as a resource to help practitioners network with their peers and capital providers quickly and efficiently network and share opportunities in real time throughout the calendar year. 

With the new CapNexus, we have also added features to allow practitioners to easily find service providers, experts and other vendors.  Keep watching CapNexus in the coming months as we roll out new features and work to make it a “go to” source for market information and resources.

Over the four years since the first CapNexus pilot was launched, it has grown from an idea to a community of approximately 600 diverse users.  Through our pilot to the launch of this new site, CapNexus has listed over $1 billion in posting and opportunities.  We originally envisioned CapNexus as a place where CDFI practitioners could work together and share opportunities.  Our user base has grown to also include a diverse base of impact investors, funders, traditional banks, developers, government, and others. 

I would like to thank everyone that has become part of the CapNexus community.  I invite you to share CapNexus with colleagues and peers.  The power of a network lies within the people that join, engage and collaborate.

- Jeannine Jacokes, CEO, Partners for the Common Good