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NeighborGood Partners ( formerly known as NCALL Loan Fund)

Asset Classes ServedSingle-Family Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Rural
Geographies ServedDelaware
Services ProvidedTraining, Other Consulting and Specialty Service, Loan Servicing, Advisory, Analysis, Asset Management
Interest Areas

Sponsor Highlight, November 2019Congratulations to all FY 2019 CDFI Program and NACA Program Award recipients!

Committed to the Delmarva Peninsula

The mission of NCALL's Loan Fund is to invest in affordable housing and community development projects that improve economic and social opportunities for low-income persons and communities. Projects include affordable multifamily housing, first time home ownership, charter schools, commercial centers, health clinics, and other community facilities. 

NCALL is certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Since 2004, NCALL’s Loan Fund has provided community development loans and financial services to nonprofit borrowers throughout the Delmarva Peninsula, including the state of Delaware and the eastern shore counties of Maryland and Virginia. The Loan Fund primarily focuses on lending in rural areas but also strategically lends in some of the urban areas of New Castle County, Delaware.

Loan Products

NCALL offers the following loan products:

  • Predevelopment
  • Acquisition
  • Construction
  • Bridge/gap financing
  • Credit enhancements and guarantees

For additional information including loan terms for your specific project, contact NCALL.

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