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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

How You Can Get Help

When the pandemic began in March 2020, the economic fallout from lockdowns was immediate. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their jobs and fell behind on bills, mortgages and rent. Congress acted by... Read more

Congress recently passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which has tremendous promise for improving roads and bridges ($110 billion allocation) and reconnecting communities divided by transportation infrastructure ($1 billion). Although... Read more

There are not very many issues more pressing in our region than housing and homelessness. 

In a recent Crosscut/Elway poll, 79% of respondents said homelessness was one of the issues most important to them, with 54% saying that the... Read more

In his 10 years living in a tent along the L Street NE underpass in NoMa, Mike has been forced to move his stuff plenty of times, usually when D.C. crews would come through to clean up the sidewalks.

But the 51-year-old is far less... Read more

Refugee aid groups are scrambling to find permanent homes for the thousands of Afghan evacuees expected to settle in the Washington region in the coming months, a steep challenge in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country.

One handbag at a time

A small bags and accessories shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is trying to be everything the modern textile industry is not. In place of endless waste, they repurpose recycled materials. They eschew overseas factories... Read more

 “Baltimore City is home, and the lack of minority business is a direct correlation to the deeply-rooted bias in the commercial banking world.”

By Hadassah Patterson

Jeryl and Tyrekia Cole of Off... Read more

CDFI executes plan to help mitigate interruptions from light rail expansion

By Frances A. McMorris

Whether customers were coming in for the pollo peño or the chino fries that boast a seaweed topping, new light rail construction was... Read more

People of color make up an estimated less than 5% of housing developers in the U.S.

At close to $175 billion, the U.S. housing development market is huge and expanding annually at a nifty 6% clip. But Black Americans and other people of... Read more

Steve Saltzman on why CDFIs should keep a focus on food systems

By Kate Stringer

When funders invest in locally-sourced food, they’re also investing in public health, the environment and economically disadvantaged communities. That’... Read more