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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

Arizona’s housing market isn’t the only thing booming. So is Hispanic homeownership, according to a new market research report.

“Arizona is adding Hispanic homeowners faster than any other state in the nation”, said Marcela Fuentes,... Read more

By Alicia Victoria Lozano

LOS ANGELES — Santa Monica resident Leonora Camner only has to open her windows to escape Southern California's worsening heat waves... Read more

Lynn McAteer is accustomed to building housing the old-fashioned way. As vice president for planning and evaluations at the Better Housing Coalition, McAteer is helping to shepherd some 600 units of new low-income housing onto the market in... Read more

The American military withdrawal from Afghanistan prompted an exodus of more than 50,... Read more

In September 2008, Hurricane Ike swept through the Gulf Coast island community of Galveston, Texas, battering the city with 110 mph winds and storm surges that flooded the streets. Three of Galveston’s public housing projects were damaged beyond... Read more

As the nation grapples with affordability pressures and an eviction crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, understanding small-scale landlords’ role in maintaining affordability and navigating evictions is critical. Landlords serve as gatekeepers to... Read more

Taking a holistic approach to empowerment by combining job placement with financial coaching and financial supports.

By Frances A. McMorris

Capitalizing on everyone’s favorite COVID activity: going outside

By Hadassah Patterson

Steve Saltzman on why CDFIs should keep a focus on food systems

By Kate Stringer

When funders invest in locally-sourced food, they’re also investing in public health, the environment and economically disadvantaged communities. That’... Read more

Tracie Shelton is bringing business mentorship and healthier eats to her Alamo City neighborhood.

Tracie Shelton is the founding force behind Alamo Kitchens, a culinary co-working space in San Antonio, Texas. Shelton was already motivated... Read more