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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

After seven months of a global pandemic spent in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, Jacob Guardado and his roommate decided to make a move.

They found a Studio City two-bedroom in October 2020 for $1,975 a month — a few hundred dollars more... Read more

The central tenet of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s ... Read more

Ebanisha Wiley has been on the brink of eviction for months. She lives in Montgomery County, an area north of Houston where officials decided to return much of their federal rental assistance money.

“I need it,” Wiley said. “I need it. I... Read more

New program subsidizes an easier commute for some of NYC’s frontline and essential workers.

By Christopher C. Williams 

Solomon Smart has been biking to his work as senior center director at BronxWorks, a  senior recreational center... Read more

A $240,000 grant program gave 20 childcare providers a much-needed helping hand.

By Hadassah Patterson

A $240,000 grant program gave 20 childcare providers a much-needed helping hand.

By Hadassah Patterson

“I am convinced that capital is not fundamentally extractive and can increase equity.”

By Hadassah Patterson

In 2006, CDFI Virginia Community Capital (VCC) was founded with $15 million in seed money from the state of Virginia to... Read more

CDFI-funded nonprofit has installed large-scale mosaic murals across the city. 

By Erica Sweeney 

Every summer for the past five years, Jacquelyn Yepa, 21, has helped create public art mosaics across the city of... Read more

Helping at-risk youth in L.A. find success and employment  

By Frances McMorris

New Earth’s mission of guiding at-risk young people in Los Angeles from the streets, from incarceration and from being drop-outs into bright new futures... Read more

CDFI takes an upstream approach to boosting affordable housing and entreprenuership on Washington state’s Colville Reservation. 

By Erica Sweeney 

Ted Piccolo wants to build at least one house every year on the... Read more