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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

The NFL just became the latest league to acquire financing from CDFIs — this time to the tune of $78 million.

By Connie Aitcheson

When the NFL needed to borrow $78 million recently, they opted to work with 16... Read more

Q&A: Here’s what’s top of mind for two award-winning credit union leaders.

By Christopher C. Williams

Sue Cuevas helped found the first and only Hispanic CDFI credit union in Ohio 13 years ago behind the... Read more

One of the fund’s goals is to double the number of CDFIs in Virginia. 

By Erica Sweeney

Virginia is betting big on CDFIs to help support small businesses and disenfranchised communities. In March, Virginia Governor... Read more

Q&A: How CDFIs can help entrepreneurs deemed “too risky” by traditional lenders. 

By Sabina Wex

Amber Bond has worked in the commercial lending space for 14 years, working with community banks, CDFIs and other... Read more

Greenline Access Capital is closing both funding and networking gaps for small businesses across the city. 

By Bianca Gonzalez

When Juan Placencia opened a ghost kitchen in Philadelphia at the end of 2020, the... Read more

With the Dream Builders loan product, those with past debt or poor credit aren’t precluded from starting a business or owning a home. 

By  Bianca Gonzalez

The Juntos Avanzamos designation indicates credit unions that are committed to serving Hispanic and Immigrant communities. 

By Bianca Gonzalez

A movement of CDFI certification for “cooperativas” is bringing much-needed funding opportunities—and climate resilience initiatives—to the island.

By Christopher Williams

It started with just one loan from a CDFI for a veteran entrepreneur. 

By Bianca Gonzalez

More than 95% of veterans who are entrepreneurs... Read more

With a well-timed SBA 504 loan, this Carribean food service company is continuing to grow and create opportunities. 

By Bianca Gonzalez

Thanks to an SBA loan through Ponce Bank, Daniel Garcia, owner of the... Read more