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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

Most childcare in tribal communities doesn’t reflect their values or traditions. A partnership between a childcare-focused CDFI and a native-owned organization is hoping to change that. 

By Bianca Gonzalez

Measuring the impact of a new public-private loan fund formed during the pandemic to help underrepresented groups struggling to get assistance. 

By Erica Sweeney

When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns forced small... Read more

The husband and wife duo behind GRNoir are hoping to bring more Black professionals into the $70 billion wine industry. 

By Hadassah Patterson 

Q&A: The National Community Investment Fund’s CEO speaks to creating long-term change by investing in CDFIs and minority-owned banks. 

By Erica Sweeney 

Musa Barry is one of upwards of 15,000 Liberians who calls Southwest Philadelphia home. After finding success, he’s working to spread resources and knowledge to other immigrant business owners on Woodland Avenue.

By... Read more

Why Sister Corinne Florek says the power dynamics of community investing need flipped on their head. 

By Connie Aitcheson

Community development finance has a fierce — if a bit unlikely — advocate in Sister Corinne... Read more

Q&A: CDFIs have a role to play in shifting local economies from being extractive to community-focused.

By Hadassah Patterson

Greening of Detroit is accelerating efforts to combat urban deforestation in the Rust Belt city amid climate change.

By Hadassah Petterson

Q&A: Financial education is integral to fighting systemic oppression around access to capital for Native communities. 

By Hadassah Patterson

The organization practices a co-housing model, where neurotypical residents and people with disabilities live side-by-side.

By Connie Aitcheson

Nathaniel Diskint shared a room with his younger brother, Jeremy, in... Read more