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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

Education-focused CDFI takes a big-picture approach, from funds to upgrade school facilities to workforce development initiatives for parents.

By Erica Sweeney 

School districts where most enrollees are low-income and students of... Read more

“You don’t have to live in a village to be a part of a village.”

By Connie Aitcheson

Every workday, at 5 p.m., Amia Guild would leave her job as a supervisor at Comcast to pick up her then 15-year-old daughter from... Read more

Through a wide-range of initiatives including real state, small business support and workforce development, the POWER Collaborative is hoping to build wealth and stability in some of Baltimore’s most underserved communities. ... Read more

The Native American Agriculture Fund has a plan to turn a 20-year trust fund into long-term support — and CDFIs will play a key role.

From a dramatically changing food retail landscape to worker shortages and supply chain... Read more

California-based CDFI is helping community health centers take a more holistic approach to what their patients need, from substance abuse resources to workforce development. 

By Erica Sweeney 

Amidst a building boom happening across the city, the Grow Philadelphia Fund is hoping to give minority-owned contractors a leg up. 

By Hadassah Patterson

At a time when affordable housing and job markets are at a... Read more

Starting Tuesday, hundreds of Philadelphia renters will be guaranteed free legal representation if their landlord files for eviction.

As California looks back on another wildfire season that razed thousands of homes and threatened thousands of lives, debate in the state has intensified over how to solve the state’s dire housing crisis as the climate grows ever more extreme.... Read more

Rising rents are expected to be a driving force in inflation this year and have been an ongoing policy challenge for the Biden administration.

Kiara Age moved in less than a year ago and now it’s time to move again: Rent on her two-bedroom... Read more

 Biden’s new appointee to chair the National CDFI Community Development Advisory Board speaks to the importance of minority CDFIs banding together, the growth of corporate investors in CDFIs and what concerns her most about the... Read more