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News Related to Covid-19 and our Industry

Q&A: How securitization could make purchasing a home more accessible for borrowers from Black, Latino and low-to-moderate income communities. 

By Erica Sweeney 

How Portland, Maine-based entrepreneur supports farmers in his home country of Rwanda through his business.

By Connie Aitcheson

When Mike Mwenedata migrated from Rwanda to the United States in his 20s to look for a... Read more

More than a quarter of formerly incarcerated adults are unemployed. One California program is working to change that. 

By Hadassah Patterson

The Texas city becomes the third to join the CDFI Friendly America program — and they have big goals for supporting the community. 

By Erica Sweeney 

“People are feeling like it’s OK to dream again,” Christina... Read more

Revision Energy is partnering with impact investors and CDFIs to make solar power more accessible to housing cooperatives and other community nonprofits. 

By Hadassah Patterson

Destination Crenshaw receives crucial new funding for the 1.3-mile-long monument to Black art and culture.


By Connie Aitcheson


Charles Dickson started sculpting at five years old and sold his first piece at 12... Read more

Q&A: Genesis Fund’s John Egan on why he’s become something of an evangelist for zero-interest loans and mortgages — and how he’s hoping to get banks on board.

By Hadassah Patterson

Maine has a burgeoning... Read more

Haitian-born Julio Bateau arrived in Detroit in 1978 with a graduate degree in structural engineering and a spirit of possibility. He was drawn to Midtown, a then-economically distressed area in central Detroit overrun with vacant and abandoned... Read more

The homeownership rate for Black Americans in 2020 was lower than it was a decade before, even as the nation’s overall homeownership rate saw a record annual increase, a new report has found.

Zoning reform is not sexy. It’s a complicated process deeply entangled in bureaucratic decisionmaking that ... Read more